Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Playoff thoughts

-Still recovering from an amazing night of playoff action once again. Seven series are tied 1-1 which gives you an idea how entertaining the playoffs have been thus far.

-We get the feeling that the Washington Capitals could put up ten goals in a game if they wanted to. Niklas Backstrom's OT winner last night may be a series changer for Washington.

-Enjoyed reading that Ottawa coach, Cory Clouston wants his team to be more physical as Andy Sutton's hit the other night is still fresh in my mind. Game three vs. Pittsburgh should be a must watch today.

-Los Angeles appeared in big trouble after going down 2-0 in the first period last night, but give the young team credit for a huge win. Jonathan Quick did not give up a goal the rest of the way and Anze Kopitar set up the tying goal and won it in OT.

-Finally, I could do without the matinee playoff games. I know NBC has to show games on a weekend, but a 10:00 AM start on the west coast is kind of mindless in our opinion.

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