Monday, April 19, 2010

We are through five exciting days of the NHL playoff season which included seven overtime games already. We decided to rank all eight of the series in terms of excitement thus far. The action has been tremendous across the board proving once again that no sport can match playoff hockey.

8) Chicago vs. Nashville
We ranked this series last because no game has gone to OT and the other series have been slightly more entertaining. This matchup will pick up more intensity as it shifts to Nashville.

7) Buffalo vs. Boston
Looking forward to tonight's game in Boston. Both games have been in close so far and the hitting is starting to pick up. This has the feel of a seven game series.

6) New Jersey vs. Philadelphia
Daniel Carcillo of all people scores the OT winner for Philly yesterday. Pressure mounting for the Devils who have had trouble getting past the first round in recent years.

5) Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa
Ottawa shocked the defending Stanley Cup Champions in game one, but the Penguins have rebounded nicely in yet another exciting and competitive series. The hit by Andy Sutton was memorable as has Sidney Crosby's performance thus far.

4) Vancouver vs. Los Angeles
Two games and two overtimes. First home playoff game for LA tonight which should have that building filled with overwhelming excitement.

3) San Jose vs. Colorado
The snake bitten Sharks lose game 3 as Dan Boyle puts the puck in his own net. The Sharks only win was in OT, and they have never led in the series. All three games have been tied going into the final minute of play.

2) Phoenix vs. Detroit
Game one is decided by one goal, and game two may have been the most entertaining game I have ever watched. This is another series that will probably go seven games. Both teams are fast and aggressive which adds to the spectacle.

1) Washington vs. Montreal
Didn't expect this series to be as close as it is, but Montreal is giving the favored Capitals all they can handle. After Washington came back from a 4-1 deficit in the third and both games have gone into overtime, this series got our nod as the best series by a slim margin.


  1. LA vs Van game was epic.A lot of really great scoring chances on both sides,and no OT.1rst play off game in a long time for LA,and it felt great.
    I'm not sure if Luongo's hand was injured,but if it was Vancouver is in trouble.Vancouver has chosen to try to bully their way past the Kings and the Kings have just absolutely burned them for it
    .DD and JJ have become every thing that Kingsfans have been hoping for,and it showed tonight.2 franchise defensemen taking over,and dominating.
    What are your predictions for game 4,and do you see the Kings taking the series in 5,or do you think Vancouver will take another game?

  2. The atmosphere at Staples Center was electric the whole night, even hours before the game. When Smyth scored in the third period it felt like the building was shaking.

    You're correct in saying that Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson dominated last night and they seem to be acclimating better than expected to playoff hockey. The Canucks are having trouble with the Kings net presence, mostly Ryan Smyth and Michal Handzus screening Luongo. It's no secret that the Canucks are thin on defense and are really missing their shutdown defensemen, Willie Mitchell. That being said I still think this series will go six or seven games. Vancouver's top two lines are very scary and one would think that Luongo will rebound.