Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hockeysureshot Thoughts from the first night of the NHL Playoffs

-Every game last night was decided by one goal which proves how much parity there is in the league right now.

-Phoenix continues to amaze us, and took it to Detroit after playing a lousy first period. That arena was rocking!

-The defense for the Penguins should be a major concern, in addition to the play of Fleury in goal lately.

-What is the deal with the San Jose Sharks? I know its only game 1, but there is no excuse to get out played like they did last night. Besides the start of the first period, and parts of the third, they played uninspired most of the game.

-And finally, Hockeysureshot would like to give props to Brian Boucher for his stellar effort last night limiting the Devils to only one goal. We wrote a blog recently, that was critical of the Flyers and their goaltending. On this night we give credit to where it is due.

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