Friday, August 20, 2010

Which NHL teams fans would win in a fight?

Over the next week, Hockeysureshot will break down who has the toughest and weakest fans in the NHL. We will rank each teams fans from 1-15 in each Conference and then do a head to head playoff to see which NHL team has the toughest fans. What do you think? Any stories you want to share about visiting an away arena wearing your home teams sweater? Or do you think that your team has the toughest fans. Let us know.


  1. between periods at the Honda center I saw 2 Ducksfans get into a fist fight over who scored last.I don't think it was tuffness as much as stupidity.

  2. The Flyer fan wins this easy....they are all Fuking nuts.Last place goes to the Devil fan.....all a bunch of pussys.The Islander fan gets DQ'd from this contest because I witnessed a female Ranger fan crying and going nuts when her car windshild was broken in the NVMC parking lot just cause she had a Ranger sticker on her car.Thats low Islander fan.....DQ'd for being a bunch of punks!