Thursday, June 3, 2010

And now we have a series

After the Chicago Blackhawks held serve at home with two 1 goal victories, the Flyers came home and won game 3 in Overtime. A win in game 4 will even up this series and make it for all purposes a best of 3. Once again, the Flyers had the better of play in the latter stages of the game similar to game 2. This time, they got a couple of bounces and were able to send the game into Overtime and get a game winner when they took advantage of a bad change by the Blackhawks.
After the Flyers came back from a 3-0 deficit in games to the Bruins in round 2, we saw them come back and add themselves to the history books. However, a loss in game 4 at home will have the Blackhawks starting to nail the coffin shut. Although the Flyers have proven they can come back when trailing in a series, the Blackhawks are not the Bruins.
So what do the Flyers have to do to win game 4 ? Do what they did in the 3rd periods of games 2 and 3. They out shot the Hawks 15-4 in the third period of both games. They will also need Micheal Leighton to play like a #1 goaltender. He was good enough in game 3, but they will need him to be the better of the two goalies in game 4. With how the Flyers have played late in games, they have proven they belong in this series and a win in game 4 could bring us closer to one of the better Stanley Cup Finals in recent years.

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