Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello and welcome to our new blog called Hockey SureShot. This new blog and website is dedicated to the NHL and most things hockey. Hockey SureShot will feature two main writers who co-created the site. Dave will be the expert on the Western Conference and Dan will be the Eastern Conference expert. Both have watched and analyzed (way too much) hockey over the past 20 plus years. Check back shortly for advice on betting, our playoff picks and trade deadline analysis of every team.


  1. Just out of curiosity does a shoot-out goal count in the over under? Say a game is 3-3 after the four on four OT and the shoot-out ends the game at 4-3 Does that count for the over under? I would guess it does, but betting on hockey is totally new to me...

  2. Hi Phil,

    That is a good question that we are asked frequently. You are indeed correct. The over & under total includes the final score after the shootout. Makes for some anxious moments when betting!
    Good luck!