Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Wisniewski Suspended 8 games

Anaheim Ducks defensemen John Wisniewski suspended 8 games for this hit on Blackhawks defensemen Brent Seabrook. This is twice in 5 days that the Hawks lose a defensemen to a hit that later warrants suspension. Matt Cooke no suspension, Ovechkin suspended 2 games and now Wisniewski suspended 8 games. Discuss your thoughts on Colin Campbell's decisions here.


  1. I agree that Ovechkin has had some questionable hits, but I don't feel this one was done with malice and he genuinely looked concerned post-hit.

  2. The guy hits with reckless abandon.He's always looking for contact,and sometimes catches guys in a bad position.His mentality is to finnish the player.If you look at ti the other way,more times than not guys are trying to hit him with the same intensity(and not always clean).It's the only way to try and stop him,he's just to good at seeing it comming,so he doesn't get caught as often in that vulnerable position as the people he's hitting.